Allison Martin: cupcakes on January 18th.

Mario: “Healthness sweetly.” in late January somethin’.

Sarah A. Foote: somethin’ with coffee probably, Feb. 4th

Upma: H.D. quote. on February 8th. *smh*

Sarah Kelly: something nice, I suppose…on February 13th

Nico Madden: Bringin’ the party, EVERY DAY (and doughnuts in late February).

Tricia: sweetness. in February.

Hanna Lehnen: cookies? in February? TBD

Shatara Downs: something fruity…..March 1st

Adrianna Christesen: surprise… in March?

Covenant Babatunde: chocolate chocolate etc….in March?!

Abbie Rogers: something chocolate? in April

Mason: Food. in April.

Julia Ruane: something yummy?! Soon!

Gigi and Ali: something good. TBD.

Molly Hodges: Surprise. TBD

Catherine Mohr: Who knows? on Who knows?

Tyshawnda Silver: something great! TBD.

2 Responses to “YUMMIES”

  1. zabonhoe says:

    I renig and want to do something this month…and maybe next month too.

  2. Hanna says:

    I’m bringing yummies on February 15th for sure! This Friday!

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