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A Far Cry from Africa

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

As Julia’s earlier post touched on, Walcott seems to ground us as his audience most specifically in terms of location, often through his titles; however, in his piece “A Far Cry from Africa,” I found the notion of “Africa” to be much more abstracting than stabilizing. Rather than “Africa,” Walcott’s title maybe improved upon by being more specific to the REAL issue at hand: “A Far Cry from Africanness.” If this sounds silly and reductive, that’s because it is, linguistically. But on some level, isn’t this what Walcott is actually addressing in this piece?

In any case, it seemed awfully timely to focus on this piece right after the Multicultural Fair, because that is precisely what strikes me most about it– how poignantly and obviously MULTIcultural it is. The cultural awareness does not necessarily stem from racial differences, although that’s definitely a huge aspect of it– just the sheer number of times Walcott brings “whiteness” into the text stands out in itself. However, it is the idea of betrayal of one’s heritage rather than race that sticks out the most– “Where shall I turn, divided to the vein?” (27) This is reminiscent of some of the language Langston Hughes uses when he writes of his biracial background, and yet he has accepted and exemplified his own blackness in no uncertain terms. I think it is always difficult knowing “where to turn” in situations of multinational understanding of the self. Thoughts, yeses and nos?

Incidentally, did anyone notice that the first stanza of this piece has ten lines, the second has eleven, and the third has twelve? Weird… 🙂

Also, for your viewing/listening pleasure:

“Africa” by Toto, an 80s classic. I still can’t quite figure out what they’re talking about, though…



Icky Muse Vollmer Playlist

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

01 Mr. Wiggles

08 Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof O

Vollmer’s consistent refrences to Water 

Specific Poems to draw your attention:

“Camping on the Hudson”, “The Water Carriers”, “The Gem Cutter”, “The Silver Tray”, “In an Ancient Garden”, ” Camping on Youghiogheny”

The sounds of Parliament-Funkadelic: One Nation Under a Groove and one of the baddest bass players in the land: William Earl “Bootsy” Collins.

06 Liquid Sunshine

03 P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)

11 Body Slam

01 Flashlight

02 Bop Gun (Endangered Species) – “Camping on Youghiogheny”

04 Aqua Boogie (A Psychoalphadiscobe


I’ll probably keep adding songs to this list and being to lazy to put them down here.

Off the naughty list!

Friday, February 8th, 2013

So I’d post something really thoughtful and insightful about what we went over last class, but, well, I was kicked out of class. You all know how it is.

Anyway, really sorry for not posting my thoughts, I’m going to be posting -very- often from now on. LOOK FORWARD TO IT.