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Eve’s Apple Bottom

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Eye Candy?

No, not for my precious cavities!

My holes made whole by nine foot knolls that

know me too well. My green escape from

Hell when there’s no one to tell of this special


spelt wrong in this book.


Like two foot gnomes who possess old cold pain

but never complain in the rain.

Their bodies were stained by pain-


or the pinschers that piss. Me off

wearing the weaved green on my sleeve.


Lips are chipped and chapped from

the Kiss that can kill. So, cold I know

when you are naked in snow and The

wind will blow.



Clock In

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

No Snow, Oh No!

This means I have to go: /

Go to work, go to school


Oh, how I would have loved

To be splashing in the cool

Pool of flakes.


And when the chill gives me the shakes

I tell my soul, “Let’s embrace”

Then the warmth shows on my face


And I become one with the place


Now have this outlook on a book

The book becomes a brook


Try this at work

Then work is the perks.


Trust you, it works!