Schedule for Interpretive Performances + Andy and Chris who never did Doodle poll and are now scheduled for Friday, February 15: int perf sched s13

Schedule for Report Groups oral-rpt-signups

Oral Report sample assessment: oral rpt assess

Interpretive Performance sample assessment: int perf assess

Short Essay Prompts:

Bishop, due February 11  shrt essay prompt Bishop

Ginsberg, due February 22  shrt essay prompt Ginsberg

Brooks, due March 15 NOTE EXTENSION  shrt essay prompt Brooks

Plath, due April 1  shrt essay prompt Plath

Vollmer, due April 5  shrt essay prompt Vollmer

Komunyakaa, due April 15  shrt essay prompt Komunyakaa

Walcott, due April 24  shrt essay prompt Walcott

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