That’s a Wrap

Some notes for the final stretch:

  • I will hold regular office hours this Thursday, 11-12.  On Friday, my office hour will be moved from late afternoon to 10-11 because of Kemp Symposium.
  • This blog will CLOSE for graded business on Saturday, April 27, at midnight.
  • You should check the blog before our final exam slot (Wednesday, May 1, 12-2:30) in case there are any announcements.
  • The final recitations/celebrations will be held in the Parlor of the Mansion.  Yummies are welcome.
  • Apparently the syllabus says that at the final exam you must recite a poem from the Norton anthology that is not on our syllabus.  ACK.  I blew that.  You may recite at least 14 contiguous lines from any poem of our primary authors or from the anthology.

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4 Responses to “That’s a Wrap”

  1. Silver Tyshawnda says:

    I’ll do plates, napkins, & cutlery.

  2. Adriana Christesen says:

    I’ve got the veggies. Maybe some guacamole too 🙂

  3. Catherine Mohr says:


  4. mscanlon says:

    I realize that potluck planning is not our strength. BUT for the final gathering next week I will bring bread and cheese.

    Do I hear veggies or fruit? Dessert? Drinks? Plates, napkins, cups? Maybe teams are in order to cut the costs.