A preview to tomorrow’s slam poetry presentation.

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4 Responses to “A preview to tomorrow’s slam poetry presentation.”

  1. Silver Tyshawnda says:

    I agree with Trisha! hahahahahahaha

  2. hlehnen says:

    Hahahahah I am still laughing. I love this show! But on a more serious note, what Leslie Knope portrays is an accurate representation of what some critics do not like about spoken word poetry. Her exaggeration of the way spoken word poets perform is why some people do not like this movement. While I do find this humorous and somewhat true, I do not agree that spoken word has no value. In fact, I have come to really appreciate it!

  3. TSElliott says:

    PS y’all we’re awesome =)

  4. TSElliott says:

    I don’t think
    I could looove
    Amy Poehlerrr
    any more
    than this.