Walcott on Empire and Language

I thought this interview would be a good addition to the blog because Walcott speaks directly about empire, a prominent theme in his poetry that we focused on in Friday’s class. He gives an interesting definition of empire from his own perspective, and discusses his culturally and racially diverse background. He and the interviewer also engage in a discussion about language towards the end of the interview.  I think the last minute of the interview is also a highlight!


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One Response to “Walcott on Empire and Language”

  1. hlehnen says:

    Thanks for posting this Ali! I always love listening to the poets and watching videos of them because it makes their poetry all the more attainable to me. He has such a unique perspective because of his heritage and his roots. It was really interesting to listen to him describe the American Caribbean experience because that is not always something we are exposed to. I also thought it was interesting that he lives in the U.S. and in the Caribbean and bounces back and forth between locations.