on your bed, a Helena Rubinstein smile.

In case any of you were wondering, here’s what Helena Rubinstein’s “smile” looks like

disclaimer: I don’t understand technology so a link will have to do…and honestly, I’m not sure if the link will even work.


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4 Responses to “on your bed, a Helena Rubinstein smile.”

  1. Abigail Rogers says:

    See! Told ya it was smirky!

  2. TSElliott says:

    It definitely is a demure smile that caters to the whole enticing woman “going back” and desuxualizing her, making her innocent once again. If not only just taking back her suicide and being the epitome of a woman by reclining sexually on a bed rather than being asexualized by showing feelings of depression.

  3. Neo-Rev says:

    If you are trying to add and image to your post you can (once looking at the editable post in your backend) click on the “add media” and when that opens up click “Insert from URL” then put in direct link to your image. In this case it’d be http://scrat.hellocotton.com/img/medium/helena-rubinstein-on-beauty-696571.png then click “insert into post”.

  4. ccherico says:

    Damn. That’s definitely what Tyra Banks would refer to as “smizing”. #ANTMforever