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Erica has posted a really interesting Q&A article with Frieda Hughes already, but I found this article that I thought was really interesting too.

In the article Frieda Hughes is quoted on how she is against BBC’s 2003 movie, Sylvia. The article also includes two verses of her poetic response to the movie, titled “My Mother” (I found the full poem on Tumblr but didn’t want to post it because I didn’t know how accurate it was). The poem uses a lot of images from “Lady Lazarus,” which i think is kind of interesting. In the article one of the verses starts out with Plath’s “peanut crunching crowed,” which Frieda Hughes calls the “peanut eaters.”

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2 Responses to “More about Frieda”

  1. TSElliott says:

    I was a bit surprised reading this because, as I heard in class, it seemed that Frieda capitalized on her family’s success. To me, however, she seems mostly apathetic to her mother in the interviews and far more connected to her father. The most profitable (if that is her gain) would be her mother, in my mind. Also, as y’all have said, she probably would be able to sell well based on tradition alone if she was to begin writing. I really want to know more about her

  2. Erica says:

    I saw this too and had conflicting feelings. I love Plath and her work and would love to see a movie made about her life, as an honoring her memory sort of thing and I’ve seen BBC do movies in the past and they’re usually pretty good. And I see where Frieda is coming from with the whole “she’s my mother and I don’t want to think about her suicide”, but I also think that as a writer herself, Frieda could write some amazing poetry or art or anything really, from that place. I really wish she would go back to her childhood and write from there, however painful, because I think that is what separates the good artists from the great.