Pablo Neruda- “It Is Not Necessary”

It is not necessary to whistle
To be alone,
To live in the dark.

Out in the crowd, under the wide sky,
we remember our separate selves,
the intimate self, the naked self,
the only self who knows how the nails grow,
who knows how his own silence is made
and his own poor words.
There is a public Pedro,
seen in the light, an adequate Bernice,
but inside,
underneath age and clothing,
we still don’t have a name,
we are quite different.
Eyes don’t close only in order to sleep,
but so as not to see the same sky.

We soon grow tired,
and as if they were sounding the bell
to call us to school,
we return to the hidden flower,
to the bone, the half-hidden root,
and there we suddenly are,
we are the pure, forgotten self,
the true being
within the four walls of our singular skin,
between the two points of living and dying.

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One Response to “Pablo Neruda- “It Is Not Necessary””

  1. InfiniteHope says:

    I don’t know you, so I cannot miss you (but all things mean one thing)
    And I just wanted to say that I was in RENT! And there was a line about Pablo Neruda in it. I assumed he (he is the correct sex I assume) either died of AIDs, was a homosexual or an advocate for one or the other. I never occurred to me that he was a poet. I’m enlightened.
    And may I ask you, why share this? Why now? What is its importance to you?

    It is not necessary to whistle.